Three-Thirty , The Bubble of Youth (2020)

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival,  Group Exhibition, Doris McCarthy Gallery

Centralized in the Scarborough community of Malvern, Three-Thirty investigates the way power is exercised through the construction, manipulation and occupation of space. This multi-site exhibition focuses on youth and after school culture as a time of possibility and meaning making in which young people assert how they mark, claim and inhabit their community. It is a project more broadly asking how one influences their environments when they are told they do not have the power to do so.

Working closely with students of Pearson Collegiate Institute, Nabag’s life-size portraits of high school students, The Bubble of Youth (2020) and I'm Listening (2020) celebrate the gestures, body language, fashion, and friendships entangled in the high school experience. Installed on one of the school’s external walls, Nabag’s photo-based mural brings together the students and their surroundings to imagine ways young people create their own spaces inside and outside of school. Nabag’s work can also be found at University of Toronto Scarborough, inside and outside the Doris McCarthy Gallery.

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